The co-workers of Christ House Trust are brothers and sisters in the body of Christ from different backgrounds but united together as a team to further the cause of Christ and His interests in the earth. This is being done through Gospel witness, discipleship and missions.

    The aim of the ‘Decapolis’ work which takes place in the local areas with oversight in a given region is to call and raise a number of the local natives in their areas. These are trained and discipled to Christ for the progress of God’s work among their own people. They in turn stand as living witnesses through whom the Lord would use to uplift Christian testimony, discipleship, revival and spiritual leadership in these last days. However, the range of their labours is for the whole body of Christ within their communities.

    We work to ensure that team members encourage church workers and leaders in the Lord, rather than compete with local ministerial or denominational groups.

    The ministry helps the existing local churches for revival, discipleship and leadership training for members and leaders. Relevant resource- produce materials are distributed for the purpose of spiritual growth and more effectiveness in their respective churches.

    On the count-down to the last days, mission receives urgent emphasis in Christ House Trust. This is carried out by focusing on ‘pray ye therefore to the Lord of the harvest’ (Matthew 9:38), approach to world missions. We offer consistent and earnest prayers to the Lord of the harvest for the missionaries in their countries, or cultures other than their own, regardless of their nationalities or the cross- cultural situations. A set-time prayer strategy, ‘from nations to nations’, is also our unique contribution to the world-wide evangelization, discipleship and missions. It is a task God has entrusted to us, which touches His heart concerns for ‘the people groups’ and ‘the unreached people groups’ around the world.

    Kingdom and mission support--financial contributions are sent or given to Christian field missionaries regardless of the organizations or platforms they belong.

    They in turn come on visit to share fellowship and testimonies with members of the ministry as the Lord gives them the opportunities. This serves as an encouragement to their families and the work on the fields.

    A letter of appreciation and acknowledgement is sent to everyone who makes financial contribution towards kingdom and mission support with thankfulness.

    We believe that by God’s grace, your life and your contributions can make a difference for Jesus’ sake. As you pray, whichever aspect you feel guided by the Holy Spirit to be a partner, a co-worker or a contributor, we would be glad to hear from you. You may contact us for further details. God bless you indeed.

In respect of Donations for Kingdom and Mission Support, please, contact us for Christ House Trust's Bank details.