As a ministry, we are located in Kuru, Jos, Plateau State, Nigeria. By the mercy and grace of God, we continue to seek to bring Christians into greater level of discipleship and practical spiritual growth and revival. This work involves both Church Leaders and Individuals from different denominations and backgrounds seeking to grow in their spiritual life and revival. Much of the work of discipleship takes places in Local Meetings, Bible Studies, Door-to-Door Gospel Witness/Evangelism and personal Oversight of Discipleship Groups. We write and publish tracts and discipleship literature for the Body of Christ in Nigeria and beyond.

One aspect of the Ministry operates in a more formal manner. Trained for Christ Mount is a training course for all believers who sense a call to discipleship and ministry, and have a genuine desire to be trained in the service of the Lord. The course covers such aspects of Spiritual Growth and Ministry, as " Essential of Discipleship", " The Cross-Life", "Spiritual Authority", "The Person and Ministry of the Holy Spirit", "The Care of Souls-Personal Oversight", "Soul-Winning" and "Principles of Revival", and much more. Many of those who have been helped through the Trained for Christ Mount are now reaching out to other people groups, localities, churches, and in other parts of the world.

 Field Missionary Training Foundation is one month training sessions for those who serve the Lord on the mission fields. This takes place every August in the ministry's meeting/Training place. The participant Missionaries are given thorough foundation for the work of missions in villages and among the natives and people groups. This Field Missionary Training Foundation covers such aspects as "Quiet-Time and Devotional Life", "Christian Discipleship", "Soul-Winning: the Heartbeat of God", "Field Missionary: Lifestyle and Integrity", "Spiritual Warfare", Tent Making in Missions", "Basic Healthcare", "Foundation for Cross-Cultural Missions", e.t.c. Those who have benefited from the training are faithfully serving the Lord in various fields in their native lands, thereby bringing revival and extending God's Kingdom to the grassroots. Resource-produce materials and devotionals are distributed to all the participants -- in order to further help them in their work and walk with the Lord.

 Believers Tent of Meeting is another form of Ministry, which takes place each Year. During the Easter week, believers from different places and backgrounds come together for teaching, prayer, worship, revival, e.t.c. This is another part of the Ministry's work to make disciples of all nations.

Prayer Ministry is an integral part of the work. Intercessions and golden altar prayers are offered regularly before the Lord for the realisation of His will on the earth.

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